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Residents empty water from a pipe before moving it to another location for flood drainage in Mengjiaguan village in Shouguang, Shandong province, on Sunday. [Photo/Jinan Times]

The last batch of villagers who lived at the largest temporary settlement at Shouguang, Shandong province - the area most affected by Typhoon Rumbia - returned home on Tuesday, as all the water that had accumulated in their villages had been drained by Monday afternoon.

"All of the residents have returned home and started work cleaning up their houses and cooperating with professional epidemic prevention workers to disinfect every corner," said Chen Jianjun, deputy Party secretary of Shouguang"s Yingli town, who is also responsible for the settlement.

Typhoon Rumbia and Tropical Storm Yagi have wreaked havoc in Shouguang, located on the coast of Shandong province, since Aug 18. Some 77 villages were flooded.

For eight days, post-disaster work had been focusing on draining water from the inundated villages and greenhouses, as well as preventing a disease epidemic.

By Tuesday, 5,620 tons of livestock that had drowned in the flood had been dealt with, including burial in lime pits, according to the animal husbandry and veterinary bureau of Weifang, which administers Shouguang.

Aircraft and remote-control drones have been releasing antiseptic solutions over the villages to ensure that houses are safe from microorganisms.

All schools in Shouguang are safe enough to start the new semester in a week, according to the Education Bureau of Weifang.

Educational loans and student subsidies are being prepared to ensure that every student affected by flooding can start school, said Xu Youli, head of the bureau.

People across China have been donating money and materials to help Shouguang. Pickups loaded with relief materials have been frequently seen on the road to the settlements at Shouguang.

By Tuesday afternoon, Weifang charity organizations had received 146 million yuan ($21 million) worth of donations, local authorities said.

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